DofE Expeditions


What do I need to do for my DofE Expedition?        

Your Group

You will need to form a team of 4 - 7 people (8 if you are doing your expedition in a tandem bike or canoe).  With your team you will decide on an aim for your expedition.  The key is to pick something that interests you all.  If you do not have a group to do your expedition with then you can join one of our Open Practice or Qualifying Expeditions to be with like-minded people.


You will then need to choose an appropriate location that suits your aim and needs.  Some groups do not want to travel too far from home, others want to make their expedition a 'once in a life time' journey. Check out our locations for some inspiration and to find a location that suits you. 


Next you will need to undertake pre-expedition training so that you are fully prepared and can be self sufficient on your journey. Your training needs to involve navigation, camp craft, kit selection, emergency procedures and first aid.

The Expedition

Your group will need to do a practice expedition to see if the training you have done is sufficient to go on to complete a practice expedition. If not then don't worry, you can do more learning before doing it for real.  If your expedition Supervisor is happy, they can sign your logbook off to say that you are ready to do your qualifying expedition.  Then it's the best bit!  You get to go off with your group on a self-sufficient journey which you plan yourselves and has an expedition aim that you've chosen - a real feeling of independance and a real adventure...

Your qualifying expedition will need to meet the '20 Conditions' for expeditions set down by the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  We work with you to help ensure you meet these and don't waste your time and effort. Click here to download the '20 Conditions'.


Once you have completed your qualifying expedition, you need to give a presentation about your experiences and achievements to your Supervisor, Assessor or another adult.


How long does my expedition need to be?

Bronze expeditions: 2 days with 1 night camping.  Each day needs to have 6 hours of planned activity (at least 3 hours spent journeying);

Silver expeditons: 3 days with 2 nights camping.  Each day needs to have 7 hours of planned activity (at least 3.5 hours spent journeying);

Gold expeditions: 4 days with 3 nights camping on either campsites or wild camping.  Each day needs to have 8 hours of planned activity (at least 4 hours spent journeying).


Will the expedition be challenging?

DofE Expeditions can be tough and participants can find themselves in challenging situations which are likely to including walking on rough terrain, extended physical effort and environmental hazards such as bad weather.  It is not unusual for participants to experience some discomfort during their expedition but the feeling of achievement and success at the end is worth it!


What are the benefits of doing a DofE Expedition?

Completing a DofE expedition is a real achievement and you and your group will have had to overcome many challenges along the way.  You will have developed team work, initiative and self reliance, along with numerous outdoor skills all of which will help you later in life. Whether it be going to a job interview, applying to university, navigating your way through a city centre or working to find solutions with friends you use skills learnt from your DofE Expeditions. Find out what employers have to say about the value of doing DofE here.

Also have a look at what some past DofE participants have to say about how the DofE Awards have helped them get where they are - click here.


Equality, diversity and inclusion

Adventure Expeditions aims to include participants on courses and expeditions wherever possible and welcomes all participants. We have experience of making arrangements and adaptations to programmes to accommodate participants with individual requirements and additional needs. However, it must be appreciated that this may not always be possible given the safety and/or assessment requirements of the various schemes and qualifications that we run. We have many years experience of working with individuals to make our programmes as inclusive as possible so please do contat us if you would like to talk through your concerns and how we can help you achieve your aims.


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