Keep It Green


What are Adventure Expeditions doing to preserve the environment?

Whilst Adventure Expeditions are passionate about encouraging young people into the outdoors and letting them experience the benefits it can bring, we are also concerned about preserving it so we can all continue to reap these benefits in the years to come. We are committed to promoting responsibility for the environment while pursuing our aims and learning objectives. While undertaking actvities - both in the office and on the hill - we promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage practices that are damaging to the environment. Our environmental policy is reviewed annually to ensure that we continue to promote good practice.


Our aims

  • To reduce, re-use and recycle wherever possible.

  • To promote environmental awareness in all our operations through highlighting measures that can be taken and good practice to be followed.


Examples of how we encourage our aims

  • Always adhering by the Country Code and Wild Camping Code of Conduct -  making our groups aware of these;
  • Minimising our impact and ensuring we leave no trace of our presence;
  • Encouraging participants to have as little rubbish as possible and use food with less packaging;
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by encouraging travel by public transport and car sharing. If participants choose, we share their details prior to expeditions and courses in order to promote transport sharing;
  • Using recycled products in all aspects of our business – in the office and on the hill;
  • Communicating our expedition information and resources online and electronically wherever possible to save on unnecessary paper wastage;
  • Recycling old paper and envelopes in the office and purchasing a variety of recycled products for use;
  • Educating our groups on environmental issues;
  • Using instructors that are local to an expedition or course venue to minimise mileage and fuel consumption.

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