Gavin Harness


             - Mountain Leader Trainee

             - Single Pitch Award








Despite spending a lot of time outdoors at a young age, it wasn't until six years ago that Gavin was introduced to climbing and he hasn't stopped climbing or being outdoors since. After moving to Sheffield to study Building Surveying, Gavin began instructing rock climbing and soon realised that he wanted his office to be outdoors full-time. Ever since then he has been taking friends, family and clients outdoors and enjoys exploring whether he is working in the mountains, on cliffs or around vales and villages. Gavin finds nothing more pleasing than exploring somewhere new - it doesn't have to be big, scary or extreme, just outside with good people.

Gav's free time is usually spent climbing in one form or another, or if it's too wet and cold for that, he can normally be found wandering around the hills or running up and down the dales.


A few questions for Gav...

Favourite locations for DofE expeditions?

Bronze - The New Forest

Silver - The White Peak - so much to explore and has a really great remote feeling

Gold - The Cairngorms - remote, rugged and a real adventure


What is the best thing about being on expedition?

The people you meet and how few and far between civilisation can be - oh and cold baked beans, for some reason they're delicious on expedition!


What is the worst thing about being on expedition?

Wet socks in the morning...


What would be find in your rucksack that we really shouldn't?!

Books - I like to travel light but I usually end up with a small collection of books by the end of an expedition.

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