Nate McMullan


   - Mountaineering Instructor Award (MIA)

   - DofE Accredited Assessor for  all levels of Award

   - Member Assoc. of Mountaineering Instructors


Nate has been instructing outdoor activities for over 18 years beginning in the hills of Vermont in the USA. Nate grew up in the USA and started climbing properly 13 years ago when he moved to Idaho. Nate has a diverse background in the outdoors having directed multi-activity residential weeks, hillwalking courses and problem-solving activities as well as training participants for and assessing DofE expeditions at all levels of the Award. At home in the UK, Nate has worked with groups in most moutainous areas of the UK and France as well as having led expeditions in India (Himachal Pradesh), Morocco (Mount Toubkal), Namibia, Lesotho and South Africa.

In his spare time, Nate is Treasurer for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, has a passion for surfing (his baby is a 6' Rocket Fish) and has enjoyed skiing and snowboarding for over 25 years - although he admits that he's a little out of practice! Nate enjoys climbing and mountaineering with ascents of Mont Blanc via the Three Monts route and various other peaks in the Chamoni massif. Personal climbing and travels have also taken him to Canada, USA, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, Denmark, Qatar and Bahrain.


Some questions for Nate...

Favourite location for DofE expeditions?

Bronze - Working in Braemar (Scotland) was a great experience - no rain or midges!

Silver - The Peak District has to be my favourite Silver area - lots of rolling hills and a remote feeling without being too far away.

Gold - Snowdonia is my favourite Gold area with amazing views and some equally amazing places to camp.


What is the best thing about being on expedition?

Waking up to see the mountains in the morning.


What is the worst thing about being on expedition?

Waking up and looking out into a rain cloud...


What would we find in your rucksack that we really shouldn't?!

A cafetiere for fresh coffee!                   

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