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Open Gold Expedition - Peak District, 2011

"It was fantastic.  The instructors were so helpful and enthusiastic.  It was great to see a cheery face at meeting points."

"You've been brilliant - better than my leaders at home."

"Thank you.  It's been my best experience of a DofE Expedition"

"I've made loads of great new friends."


Christopher Jenkins - Winter Trip, 2011

"If you were to ask if I would recommend you, I would say YES, especially given the people that you employ to carry out the course.  Both of the guys were special.  Aside from being well practised and drilled, both were senstive to what we wanted to do and pushed us as to what we could achieve.  Such experience and good natured humour is rare in the light of my experience of courses before.  They are a unique and special breed that understand the difference between instructing and dictating, look to make things fun, understand how to make clients feel comfortable and are astute enough to tailor lessons to the clients requirements.  Thank you for the BEST weekend I have spent in a long time.  I feel that my skills have increased exponentially and I am certainly less intimidated about going up into the hills in winter - thank you for all that you have done.  Diolch yn Fawr."


Bernese Oberland trip, 2010

"I have to say that Cat you were outstanding and the best leader we have ever had" BK

"Just like to echo everyone else's sentiments and thank you Cat for a really enjoyable trek, being informative, great fun, easy company and in my case tolerant !" MH

"Yes indeed, thank you Cat for a very enjoyable, well led hike. It was everything and more than I imagined it would be." TM

"Cat, massive thanks again for a great trip, great company and vibe. We enjoyed it a lot, and thought you ran it extremely well - a model of quiet but effective leadership!"  MM



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