Sat 30th Jun 2012 Sunshine in the Peak District...

At last, the sun has been spotted again! Even if it was briefer than we would have liked, the sun came out and we dodged the showers on Silver expeditions in the White Peak area of the Peak District. The White Peak area is one of our favourite locations with a bit of something for everyone at both Bronze and Silver levels. This weekend we made our way across moors, through lovely little villages and sought shelter in patches of forest when the heavens decided to open. A fab weekend!

Yes, that's definitely sun, I can see my own shadow and everything!

Walking the 'mud tightrope'!

Fri 29th Jun 2012 Dodging storms in the Lake District!


The last week of June isn't one that immediately springs to mind when you think of record levels of rainfall, flooding and incredible thunder and lightning storms...but that's what we found! Two Silver and two Gold teams from Derby settled into camp and saw the last of the sunshine on their acclimatisation day, before braving all that the weather could throw at them over the course of the expeditions. All teams did incredibly well, showing accurate navigation in poor visibility (making progress through low-lying clouds at times!), great kit management during very wet days and experiencing the how rewarding wild camping can be. A huge well done!

The last of the sun for several days as we head out on an acclimatisation walk...

Quick...get the team photo before the sun goes!

I'm sure it's that one over there...

Heading down to rest before the showers arrive in time for the expedition to start the next day!

Sun 24th Jun 2012 Bronze Qualifying Expeditions in Dumfries & Galloway

It was a mix of sunshine and showers for 10 of our Bronze expedition teams exploring the Dumfries & Galloway area at the end of June. Luckily there were less midges aroundand the rain stayed away for most of Sunday with the sun shining through all the way to the finish - great! All teams did exceptionally well with a few tricky navigation points and making sure to avoid some rivers that were rising steadily with all the rainfall and a large catchment area in the surrounding hills. Everyone was rewarded with a slice of Mrs Ward's birthday cake and did some very tuneful singing in return. It's on to Silver next...with hopefully a little less rain!

Look at routes and avoiding hazards on Day 2 with instructor John

Can we stay here tonight??

Tue 19th Jun 2012 Bronze DofE Expedition Training in the White Peak area

Last week saw a Bronze expedition team head out on a practice expedition in the White Peak area of the Peak District. This area has such a lot to offer expedition participants with beautiful countryside, good footpaths and a remote feel without ever being too far away from civilisation. There are also some fantastic villages for finish up in for the all important, end of expedition ice cream! Instructor Tony Greenwood was out with a team from Derby for further training after their initial expeditions last month - some beautiful photos from Tony below:


Mon 18th Jun 2012 Bronze in the Borders...


The weather has definitely been 'challenging' for DofE expeditions lately and this weekend was no exception! After a day of in-school training and route planning on Friday, 9 expedition teams arrived in the Scottish Borders not far from Hawick to start their practice expeditions. Damp was an understatement on Saturday but between the monsoon, teams did really well to make their camp for the night. Sunday was less wet but with some tricky navigation at times, with the first part of the day in forested areas before heading to the coach pick up points via small villages and farms. Everyone coped extremely well with the rain and special mention has to go to the 'Spade Sherpa' - see photo below!

Heading off in different directions near the start

Instructor Richard giving some navigation tips for the day

The spade goes on Day 2 of it's tour!

The lads before heading into the forest...

Neil and Richard decide whether to brave the forest or not...

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