Dodging storms in the Lake District!

Fri 29th Jun 2012


The last week of June isn't one that immediately springs to mind when you think of record levels of rainfall, flooding and incredible thunder and lightning storms...but that's what we found! Two Silver and two Gold teams from Derby settled into camp and saw the last of the sunshine on their acclimatisation day, before braving all that the weather could throw at them over the course of the expeditions. All teams did incredibly well, showing accurate navigation in poor visibility (making progress through low-lying clouds at times!), great kit management during very wet days and experiencing the how rewarding wild camping can be. A huge well done!

The last of the sun for several days as we head out on an acclimatisation walk...

Quick...get the team photo before the sun goes!

I'm sure it's that one over there...

Heading down to rest before the showers arrive in time for the expedition to start the next day!

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