Bronze success on the Ridgeway!

Sat 7th Jul 2012

Another very damp and windy day dawned for the start of the girls' Bronze qualifying expedition. Five friends had joined us for training, route planning and a practice expedition in June with damp conditions and so they were suitably prepared for another wet few days for their qualifying! (Don't worry ladies, it means that you've built up some 'weather karma' for Silver and Gold now!). Throughout the weekend, the team showed all of the new skills that they had learnt, navigating successfully and coping really well with all the weather could throw at them - even seeing the sun for at least 10 minutes on day two! Well done's on to sunny Silver and Gold next!

Meeting supervisor Gav at a checkpoint - no rain for now...

Going through the route at camp before setting off

Checking in with Assessor Dee

There was some sun!

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