Take a look at our Heat Illness Information for Expeditions as temps soar...

Mon 15th Jul 2013

It has to be said that the UK is experiencing some particularly lovely weather at the moment - definitely in comparison to last year's monsoon... However, while the temperatures may be great for the majority of the population, we need to be very aware of the effect of the heat on expeditions.

With lots of our expeditions out this week, from the open spaces of Surrey to the National Parks of the Peak District and Snowdonia and a whole range of locations in between, we have put together an information document for participants. Whether you are joining us on expedition or elsewhere, a leader or parent, please do take a look. There has been some sad news from a Territorial Army Training Exercise in the Brecon Beacons over the weekend and we want to learn from this incident to help expedition teams be as prepared as they can be. The pdf below gives information, top tips and the second A4 sheet with signs and symptoms to look out for could be printed out and carried in your rucksack in case you need it - remember, PREVENTION is always the best treatment... have a safe and happy week of expeditions!

     Click here to download our 'HANDLE THE HEAT' pdf here now

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