Sunshine on expedition in Provence..

Mon 20th Apr 2015

Two weeks ago, 5 groups of young people doing the joined the Adventure Expeditions team in sunny Provence for the qualifying expedition of their Gold DofE Award. After a training day of acclimatisation to the warm air and the local area, a refresher of map-reading skills and a first chance to take in the stunning mountain panoramas, the groups set off in high spirits on their four day expedition. The weather remained perfect throughout for the duration of their hikes and allowed the participants to experience starlight nights in remote campsites, well away from artificial light, after days of enjoying far-reaching views.

After battling through a torrential time in Belgium for their training expedition it seemed that weather karma was redressing the balance! The expedition routes chosen by the groups took them on a journey of nearly 80km, taking in some of the most iconic Provence ridges and some of the more secluded valleys - absolutely stunning. The groups looked after themselves brilliantly and made great friends en-route (not just with the local friendly dogs who seemed to love joining the groups - they weren't encouraged at all, were they teams?!). 

The tears and broad smiles at the end of their expeditions were a sign of how much everyone had got from their shared success - the team’s presentations even brought a tear to the eye of the hard-hearted instructor team - for the second year running! The trip was brought to a beautiful musical crescendo by Damian (teacher and Duke of Edinburgh award scheme leader) on the guitar - accompanied on vocals by most of the campsite!

A heartfelt thank you to all the lovely participants who made it a great trip to be a part of once again.  From Cat, Mat and Andy - The Adventure Expeditions IML/overseas team. 



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