Gold Residential - Isle Of Arran

Fri 9th Aug 2013 Wed 14th Aug 2013

Residential or Expedition only: Participants can join the group for JUST the qualifying expedition OR residential phase of the trip if they wish, please see below for more details.

A unique opportunity on the Isle of Arran

Adventure Expeditions are offering Gold DofE participants the opportunity to undertake both the residential and expedition sections of the Award on the beautiful Isle of Arran, Scotland. In just 12 days, Gold DofE participants can complete 40% of their Gold DofE Award AND have achieved a further certificate for their CV - the prestigous John Muir Discovery Award. Download all the information about this trip by clicking here.

'Residential Only' Option: 2013 - £375.00 - Book Now

2nd - 7th August or 9th - 14th August 2013

If you would just like to complete your DofE residential OR would just like to join us to complete the John Muir Discovery Award (without being a registered DofE participant), then choose our 'residential only' option.

Itinerary - Combined Residential & Expedition : 2013 - £625.00 - Book Now

2nd - 7th August, Residential;  followed by 7th - 12th August, Expedition or 9th - 14th August, Residential; followed by 14th - 19th August, Expedition

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