DofE Open Bronze Practice Practice Expedition - Peak District

Mon 23rd Oct 2017 Wed 25th Oct 2017

£150 per expedition or... 

£280 per person if you book

practice & qualifying expeditions together!

(Qualifying Expedition)

We offer an open bronze package which allows you to complete all of the expedition section for the bronze award.  This is ideal if you don’t have a group to do your expedition with or can’t make your schools dates.

Training & Practice expedition:

Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th October 2017, Dark Peak


This area is ideal for Bronze expeditions and is easily accessible - only half an hour from the M6 and even closer from the M1.  A different part of the same area is used for both the practice and qualifying expedition.

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Qualifying expeditions dates to suit this training and practice expedition:

  • Please see our 2018 expedition dates.

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