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My child would like to book on an open expedition.  How do we go about booking?

You can book online by clicking here.  Alternatively you can email us or call us on +44 (0) 1305 813107.

When will you send out details of my child’s forth coming Open Gold D of E expedition?

Details of expedition's will be uploaded to the members area 4 weeks before the start of the expedition.  You will be sent you login details once payment for your expedition has been received.  If you haven't already received your login details then please email us.

Can the payment be refunded if my child drops out?

No, we will not be able to offer you a refund as we may not be able to resell your place.  This is why we recommend that you take out travel insurance for your expedition.  However we will be able to change them to a different date or location for free. 

How do I pay?

You can either pay online, by BACS transfer or by sending us a cheque.  We will send you details of this once we receive your booking form.

My child only has 4 people to team up with to do their DofE expedition and they would like to go somewhere special.  Can you help? 

Yes we can.  Our price of £40 per person per day is based on a minimum of 6, but we want to try and offer expeditions for everyone, especially those that are struggling to get a group together.  Please email us for a quote, or alternatively they can join one of our Open Gold Expeditions.

I have seen other providers that are cheaper.  What are your prices based on?

Our prices are a true reflection of the costs involved in running safe expeditions of a high quality and we hope that you will find this reassuring.  Other providers may not have the licenses, experience and expertise that we do in order to deliver safe and quality programmes.  You will also find our group kit to be of a high quality and well-maintained. 



What licenses do Adventure Expeditions hold?

We hold an AALS license which is a legal requirement for us when working with under -18's.  We are also recognised by the DofE as an Approved Activity Provider and hold the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge and AAIAC Adventure Mark.  All of our instructors have Enhanced CRB Checks.  For more details visit our Safety page.

 What is remote supervision?

For more information on remote supervision visit our Safety page and download our Remote Supervision PDF

Will I be able to contact my child during the expedition?

Due to the nature of our expedition venues you will find some of them have limited mobile phone signal and your expectation should be not to hear from your child during the expedition and that you will not always be able to make contact.  In the event of needing to contact them in an emergency we would ask that you phone our landline and we will try and relay a message to the instructor/group from there. However this is not always possible due to some of the locations.

Who will the instructors be on the expedition and what qualifications do they hold?

Please take a look at our instructor profiles on the About Us page. We will be there to meet you when you arrive at your expedition venue, and be with you right through to waving goodbye at the end. All instructors hold a minimum qualification of the Summer Mountain Leader Award and are personally known to Adventure Expeditions. Cat Freeman directs Adventure Expeditions and is amongst the most highly qualified female instructors in the UK, holding the ML, ML(W), MIA and IML qualifications. Many instructors hold qualifications well above the minimum that we ask for (many holding the MIA) and have a broad base of expedition and outdoor experience to draw on. Read more about us here.

Qualifications - what is an ML, ML(W), IML and MIA?

These are National Governing Body Award qualifications from the Mountain Leader Training Board that recognise standards in outdoor instruction based on personal experience in addition to meeting the required standard of competency on assessment. Holders are required to undertake regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of their qualification.

  • ML - Summer Mountain Leader;
  • ML(W) - Winter Mountain Leader;
  • IML - International Mountain Leader;
  • MIA - Mountaineering Instructor Award;
  • MIC - Mountaineering Instructor Certificate.

Please visit our Safety page for further details.

What is my role during the expedition?

All we ask is that you are at the end of a telephone, or appoint another responsible adult to be, in the unlikley event that your child needs to be removed from the expedition, and have a plan in place for doing this.

I am slightly worried about the term “open expedition”.  How will my child get on with not knowing other people when they first arrive? 

The instructors at Adventure Expeditions are experts in bringing together people that have not met before and getting them to work effectively as a team.  You can rest assured that your child will come away not only having completed their D of E Expedition but also having made new friends.



What kit do you provide and what kit so the participants need to bring?

We will provide all group kit and the participants will need to bring all their own personal kit.  Group kit comprises all the items that will be shared out amongst your expedition group - we will provide these items so you don't need to worry about bringing them: tents, stoves and fuel, group shelters, maps and first aid kits. 

Why do you not provide any personal kit?

In keeping with the D of E ethos of being self sufficient and planning your own expedition we ask that participants provide their own personal kit.  This also ensures it fits them, they have time to break it in and should result in a more enjoyable expedition. Participants then also have it to use again on future expeditions.  

What food should my child bring on expedition with them?

Once your child has received their login details they will be able to download information about what food would be best to bring on their expedition.

Can my child bring spare kit to change into after the expedition?

Yes, they can bring a limited change of clothes with them.  We will be able to store a very small bag for them whilst they are on expedition.  This should be no bigger than a school bag. 

What if my child forgets something?

The start of the expedition will be near a food shop and an outdoor store so that should they forgot anything (and remember before they set off!) then the instructor will be able to direct them to the place to buy it.  We will also have a small supply of spares with us for those that genuinely forget something (not those that decide not to bring something!). Remember we might not have their size. 


During the Expedition

Can my child get to the expedition venue by public transport?

Yes, all of our Open Gold Expedition locations are designed so that they can be reached by public transport.  Due to the remoteness of some of them this may involve a small taxi ride at the end, costing no more than £10.

Can I be guaranteed that your programme will count towards the award?

As an AAP we have been approved by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award but as with all AAP's you will need to check with your own Operating Authority that they approve our programme as they have the final say.  More details can be found on the DofE Website.

What happens if my child falls ill during an open expedition?

If they fall ill during the expedition this will be dealt with appropriately by the group and instructor depending on your location.  They will be trained in emergency procedures before heading off on your expedition. This may involve being evacuated from the expedition and returning home, and coming back to do another expedition.  If they feel at all ill prior to the expedition we would encourage them not to come and to rebook on another date. 

Can my child be asked to do another practice?

Yes they can but this is rare on our Open Gold Expeditions as our programmes are designed to include all appropriate training and a productive learning environment over 6 days.  There is not a set number of practice expeditions that need to be done (although everyone must do at least one) before you are signed off to do your qualifying expedition.  The important thing is that they have acquired all the nessacary skills.  We work very hard on our Open Gold Expeditions to ensure that everyone has picked up the required skills and feels like they have become self reliant.  If they work hard, are open to learning and have the required fitness level there should not be a problem. 

What facilities will be at the bunkhouse? 

On our Open Gold Expeditions the first 2 nights are spent at a bunkhouse.  This will have beds (sleeping bag required), cooking facilities, toilet and showers, and a communal area.

What are the Expedition Conditions?

The Expedition Conditions are criteria that are laid down by the D of E for completing an expedition.  You can download them here.



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