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What is remote supervision?

For more infomation on remote supervision visit our Safety page and download our Remote Supervision PDF.

Who will the instructors be on the expedition and what qualifications do they hold?

Please take a look at our instructor profiles on the About Us page. We will be there to meet you when you arrive at your expedition venue, and be with you right through to waving goodbye at the end.  All instructors hold a minimum qualification of the Summer Mountain Leader Award and are personally known to Adventure Expeditions. Cat Freeman directs Adventure Expeditions and is amongst the most highly qualified female instructors in the UK, holding the Mountaineering Instructor Award (MIA) and International Mountain Leader Award (IML). Many of our instructors hold qualifications well above the minimum that we ask for (many holding MIA and MIC) and have a broad base of expedition and outdoor experience to draw on. Read more about us here

Who will do all of the D of E paperwork?

Adventure Expeditions will complete any paperwork required by your Operating Authority and will complete all of the green forms required by the Expedition Panels.

What licenses do Adventure Expeditions hold?

We hold an AALS license which is a legal requirement for us when working with under -18's.  We are also recognised by the D of E as an Approved Activity Provider.  All of our instructors have Enhanced CRB Checks.  For more details visit our Safety page.

Qualifications - what is an ML, ML(W), IML, MIA and MIC?

These are National Governing Body Award qualifications from the Mountain Leader Training Board and recognise standards in outdoor instruction based on personal experience as well as having met a certain level of competency on assessment. Holders are required to undertake regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of their qualification.

  • ML - Summer Mountain Leader;
  • ML(W) - Winter Mountain Leader;
  • IML - International Mountain Leader;
  • MIA - Mountaineering Instructor Award;
  • MIC - Mountaineering Instructor Certificate.

Please visit our Safety page for further details on each of these.



I have some pupils that would like to book on an open expedition.  How do we go about booking?

You can book online, but if you have a larger group to book on you might find it easier to phone (01305 813107) or email us.

I have tried phoning but have not yet had a response?

We answer all calls and emails ourselves so that you can get a response direct from the experts: from the people that are out there delivering your expeditions.  This means that if we are out on the hill with a group you might not get an immediate response, but we will ring you back.  We aim to reply to all enquires within 24 hours.

I would like to run an expedition in a location that is not mentioned on the website.  Is this possible?

Yes of course.  The locations on the website are only a selection of the places where we can run exepditions.  Please email us with your requirements and we will see if we can accomodate you. 

Can the payment be refunded if I cancel my school's expedition, or if individuals drop out?

Unfortunately not, as we will have planned and paid for campsites for your expedition.  This is why we encourage all participants to take out their own insurance for cancellation and curtailment. However, we will look at changing the dates of your expedition. We will also look to do the same for individuals that book onto Open Gold Expeditions. 

How do I pay?

You can either pay online, by BACS transfer or by sending us a cheque.  We will send you details of these methods once we receive your booking form. 

I have seen other providers that are cheaper.  What are your prices based on?

Our prices are a true reflection of the costs involved in running safe expeditions of a high quality and we hope that you will find this reassuring. Other providers may not have the licenses, experience and expertise that we do in order to deliver safe and quality programmes.  You will also find out group kit to be of a high quality and well-maintained. 



What kit do you provide and what kit do the participants need to bring?

We will provide all goup kit and the participants will need to bring all their own personal kit.  Group kit is all the items that will be shared out amoungst your Expedition group.  It is also the items that we will provide and you don't need to worry about bringing.  These are tents, stoves and fuel, group shelters, maps and first aid kits.

What if I forget the participants forget something?

The start of your expedition will be near a food shop and an outdoor store so should you forgot anything (and remember before you set off!) then your instructor will be able to direct you to the place to by it.  We will also have with us a small supply of spares.  This is for those that genuinely forget, not those who decide not to bring something!  Remember we might not have your size.

What if one of my pupils break some of your group kit?

If something is broken through irresponsible use then we will invoice the school for the kit.  However, we appreciate that sometimes items break through general wear and tear and then we will foot the bill.  The important part is that any damage is reported to us so that it can be fixed before it goes out on expedition again.

Why do you not provide any personal kit?

In keeping with the D of E ethos of being self sufficient and planning your own expedition we ask that participants provide their own personal kit.  This also ensures it fits you, you have time to break it in and should result in a more enjoyable expedition. You will also have it to use it again on future expeditions.  We will provide participants with a comprehensive kit list prior to their expedition.


During the Expedition

What happens if a participant falls ill during the expedition?

If a participant falls ill during the expedition this will be dealt with appropriately by the group and their instructor depending on your location.  The participants will be trained in emergency procedures before heading off on their expedition.

Can the participants be asked to do another practice?

Yes, they can.  There is not a set number of practice expeditions that need to be done before you are signed off to do your qualifying expedition.  The important thing is that you have aquired all the necessary skills.  We work very hard on our Open Gold Expeditions to ensure that everyone has picked up the required skills and feels like they have become self reliant.  If you work hard and are open to learning there should not be a problem. 

What are the expedition conditions?

The Expedition Conditions are criteria that are laid down by the D of E for completing an expedition.  You can download them here

What is my role during the expedition?

All we ask is that teachers are available at the end of the phone, and in the vicinity of the expedition, should a participant need to be removed from the expedition for any reason.

Can we get to the start of the expedition by public transport? 

Our Open Gold Expedition venues are all accesible by public transport.  Sometimes due to the remoteness of a venue this may involve a short taxi ride (no more than £10), but we will send participants all of this information.  If you would like an tailor-made expedition that is accesible by public transport then we can arrange this.  A top tip when hiring coaches: depending on where your school is based quite often we have found it cheaper to hire them from near the expedition venue and get them to travel to pick you up from your school, rather than hiring from a company in the city.

What is the difference between an instructor, a supervisor and an assessor?

Instructor is the generic term we use for those people with qualifications that are teaching people in the outdoors.  Supervisor and Assesor are terms specific to the D of E.  The Supervisor will be the person that trains the group and is responsible for their safety throughout the expedition.  The Assessor is someone accredited by the D of E to assess the expedition and make sure the expedition conditions are met.  



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