John Muir Award - A Message from Arran

This is the webpage of our August 2012 Arran Gold Residential group. A blank canvas now, by the end of August this will be a tool for sharing vital information about the wild places and conservation issues on the Isle of Arran...


The John Muir Award

In undertaking the John Muir Award, you need to complete the "Four Challenges":

1) Discover a wild place

2) Explore it

3) Do something to conserve it

4) Share your experiences - help protect wild places by communicating their importance with others.

That's the aim of this webpage... once complete, the link to the page can be emailed to as many people as possible: teachers, DofE Unit Leaders, parents, friends, family, conservation specialists, charities, tourism offices, councils, environment agencies - anyone that you think might be interested in what you have found and achieved on Arran.

In addition, we would like you to also produce an A5 (double-sided) leaflet design that can be sent off to a printer, printed and used not only on Arran but UK-wide as well. We therefore have a chance to make an impact that really does make a difference to wild places and conservation.


What you need to do....

As a group, you need to decide:

  • What you would like to 'share' about your time on Arran (with regard to conservation and wild places);
  • What the main messages and themes that people need to understand are;
  • How you would like to convey these ideas (art, photos, video interviews, pictures, dance,'s all over to you!);
  • How you think it is best to share the web page as widely as possible;
  • Where it would be good to distribute the leaflet  for maximum impact;
  • How to manage the project in terms of manpower within your group.



Have a think about the following roles - does anyone in the group have particular skills that you can use to help make the project as successful as possible?

  • Good photographer? Good at making short videos or film clips?
  • Good at drawing or making sculptures that you can take photographs or videos of?
  • Good at drama, dance or creating pictures using objects?
  • Good at leadership and project management?
  • Good at ensuring projects keep to time?

Everyone needs to have a role within the project.



Imagination is key. People are attracted to and remember things better if they are imaginative, colourful, interesting and a little bit different. Get creative and do something that can really help make a difference on Arran...

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