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Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Western Europe and on a Gold DofE expedition here you get to circle this mighty mountain. Although your expedition will begin in France you may find your expedition takes you into both Italy and Switzerland and walks sections of the world-renowned Tour du Mont Blanc. This is a serious and unforgettable undertaking that will make your CV stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to speak French or Italian, but if you are taking courses in those languages this expedition provides yet another great addition to your résumé. Included in our package is a UK based training and preparation weekend and airport transfers. Is your team up for this amazing challenge?


Training and Briefing Weekend

2nd - 3rd June 2012: Peak District


Open Gold Qualifying Dates

20th - 26th August 2012


Cost - £495

For more details on our open expedition in Chamonix click here


Tailor-made Expeditions £55 per person per day

We can offer tailor-made Gold DofE Expeditions in Chamonix from June to September for your school or private group. Please contact us with details of your group’s numbers and dates. Minimum group numbers are 6.


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