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Unique DofE Experience

The Jura Mountains make the ultimate untouched overseas Gold DofE expedition. A small range on the north side of Lake Geneva, this delightful green countryside and mountains is accessible, yet not yet under the mass-tourism radar, making it perfect for independent groups with a sense of adventure. This unusual destination will stand out from the rest on your CV and appeal to those taking French and German courses who can practice their language skills on the journey to and from the expedition. Your route will take you through deep forest, winding valley and alongside rivers, broken up with picturesque wine towns, medieval villages and ruined chateaux. Once completed there are may even be a chance (age depending!) to celebrate with Jura's most famous export; Champagne.


Tailor-made Expeditions £55 per person per day

We can offer tailor-made Gold DofE Expeditions in The Jura between May and September for your school or private group. Please contact us with details of your group’s numbers and dates. Minimum group numbers are 6. 


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