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Provence is possibly the sunniest ever mountainous place you can do your Gold DofE expedition. It is fantastic for expeditions during the Easter or October holidays as the climate is ideal: it boasts sunshine over 300 days of the year! There are many ancient chateaux and vineyards to provide interest along the way and the scenery is stunning. Provence is a happy collision of Mediterranean and Alpine with beautiful mountain peaks scraping the blue skies, lit with a golden sun. Although you don’t need to speak French, those taking French courses can practice their skills at the same time.


Imagine sitting outside your tent watching the sun melt pink into a horizon of mountains with a group of like minded people ... you are probably in Provence.

Training and Briefing Weekend

 3rd - 4th September 2012: Peak District                    


Open Gold Qualifying Dates

22nd – 28th Oct 2012

29th Oct - 4th Nov 2012


Cost - £495

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Tailor-made Expeditions - £55 per person per day

We can offer tailor-made DofE Expeditions in Provence between April and October for your school or private group. Please contact us with details of your group’s numbers and dates. Minimum group numbers are 6.


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