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Try wild camping in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations with a DofE Gold expedition deep in the heart of the Cairngorms. You might even be lucky enough to catch sight of a reindeer as you travel through this massive range of high Scottish mountains. The choice is yours – you can take on the steep, challenging, and massively rewarding high tops and tundra-like wilderness, or plan a route over the famous old drover’s paths, also used by ancient, kilt-wearing clans to driving stolen cattle through the mountains. Either way, doing your Gold DofE in the Cairngorms will impress not only your mates, but anyone reading your CV too.



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Tailor-made DofE Expeditions - £40 per person per day                                                     


We can offer tailor-made DofE Expeditions in the Cairngorms for your school or private group.  Please contact us with details of your group’s numbers and dates.  Minimum group numbers are 6.

Website Links

You will find the following websites useful for more information on the Cairngorms and to provide you with inspiration for your aim when doing your expedition.

Cairngorm National Park

Cairngorm Mountain

Reindeer Centre

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