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It may be that you don't have the time or resources within your school or organisation to design and plan the expeditions, risk assess and recce locations, train participants and provide remote supervision. If not, then we can help you.

Our aim is to make running DofE expeditions both easy and enjoyable for leaders and provide a comprehensive programme of expeditions. With experience of working with schools all over the UK, we have a great track record in providing successful, high quality programmes that are designed to meet the specific needs of your group.

Getting started - a tailor-made programme

After your initial contact, we come into school to discuss your requirements and meet members of staff. We work with you to design a tailor-made programme that meets your needs and maintains your school's philosophy.

Throughout the programme, we are on hand to help you promote DofE in school, meet participants, deliver parents evenings and answer questions. We provide a full set of paperwork according to the requirements of your school and the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (e.g. Green Forms, Operating Authority and Expedition Panel paperwork). Further, we undertake site specific recces and provide risk assessments for all expedition locations used.

Expedition training can be linked to a variety of curriculum areas through both the training we provide, the expeditions locations used, the 'expedition aim', expedition projects and final presentations.

Your own personal webpage

You and your participants have access to a webpage designed specifically for your school or group - this is username and password protected and contains all the information that both you and participants need for the programme, including information that can be printed off for parents, comprehensive kits lists, video tutorials and a range of training resources to enhance learning in participants' own time.

Where can we go?

Adventure Expeditions operates all over the UK from the South coast to the Highlands of Scotland and everywhere in between - there is therefore something for everyone. Our UK locations page can give you an idea about some of the National Parks that we operate in and the diverse range of areas that can be used for your expedition. All locations are recced and risk assessed before use.


We operate a transparent pricing policy so that you know exactly how much each participant has to pay from the start - there are no hidden extras. For UK tailor-made programmes, we charge £45.00 per person, per day for schools ( or £40.00 if they provide their own kit ) and £50.00 per person, per day for private groups. 

What's included in the cost?

All of our expedition prices include:

  • In-school meetings to discuss your needs and meet staff, pupils and parents;
  • Comprehensive pre-expedition information and resources for participants included on a private school webpage;
  • Completion of all paperwork required for your school and LEA, DofE Operating Authorities and Expedition Panels;
  • Template letters (if required) and consent forms for parents;
  • Comprehensive supervision and instruction throughout from qualified and experienced instructors;
  • DofE Accredited Assessors for all qualifying expeditions;
  • Free use of high quality group equipment: tents, stoves, fuel for stoves, maps, first aid kits, group shelters;
  • Post expedition reviews with participants and leaders.

Our prices are based on a minimum of 7 participants but we are happy to provide quotes for smaller groups.

Safety, Licences, Insurance

We know that safety is paramount for the schools and groups that we work with. Therefore, Adventure Expeditions has obtained various approvals, licences and quality badges to give you peace of mind in working with us. We operate to the highest of standards to ensure that we deliver a professional, quality experience programme that every participant benefits from and makes life easy for leaders. Click here for more safety, licence and insurance information.

Submitting Information and Making Orders

Please click here if you are part of a tailor-made group and need to submit an information form or consent form

Please click here if you are part of Minster School DofE group and would like to submit a booking form

Please click here if you would like to make an online food order to be delivered to you at the start of your expedition.

Email to discuss your requirements or call us on 01433 651449 - our friendly team in the office will be happy to chat through your requirements and answer any questions. Leave us a message if we're not in - some days we might be out on the hill, meeting participants, on another call or transporting kit.


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