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£40 per person per day in the UK

Tailor-made Bronze, Silver and Gold DofE expeditions to suit the needs of your school or group. Take a look at some of our popular locations or let us know your preferred expedition venue.


Or fancy joining us in Chamonix or Provence? £55 per person per day

Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions at stunning locations across the Alps with International Mountain Leaders. A truly memorable experience for your DofE expeditions.  Click here to take a look at our European locations. 


Schools and Larger Groups

It may be that you don’t have the resources within your school to design and plan expeditions, train participants and provide remote supervision. If not, then we are here to help you!  We provide a comprehensive programme of expeditions for schools with the aim of making running DofE both easy and enjoyable for your school.


Initially, we come into school to discuss your requirements and design a programme that meets your needs and maintains your school's philosophy. We are then on hand to help you promote DofE in school, meet participants, attend parents evenings and answer any questions. We complete all risk assessments for the expeditions and paperwork for DofE requirements to be met.


Before your expeditions commence we provide you with template letters and consent forms for parents. Participants have access to a webpage designed for your school with all the information they need for their programme, along with video tutorials and a range of training resources to enhance learning in participants own time. Expedition training can be linked to a variety of curriculum areas, as can expedition aims, projects and final presentations. 


With experience of working with schools all over the UK, we are able to work with you to ensure your school gets the most from their DofE experience. You can also be assured that the person who has designed your programme will be the person delivering it.


Small Groups

We are also keen to help those smaller groups that don’t have a DofE provider close to hand, or would like the opportunity of doing something unique with friends. Perhaps your school dates don’t fit or you would like to go to a different venue? We would love to design a programme that meets your needs and makes your DofE experience totally unique and memorable. 

Small groups BOOK NOW: each individual in the group can complete a booking form here now to reserve a place



We operate a transparent pricing policy so that you know exactly how much each participant has to pay from the start - there are no hidden extras:

UK Tailor-made Expeditions - £40 per person per day

Alpine Tailor-made Expeditions - £55 per person per day


What's included?

All of our expedition prices (both UK and overseas) include:

  • In-school meetings to discuss your needs, meet staff, pupils and parents;
  • Comprehensive pre-expedition information and resources for participants included on a private school webpage;
  • Completion of all paperwork required for Operating Authorities and Expedition Panels;
  • Template letters (if required) and consent forms for parents;
  • Comprehensive supervision and instruction throughout from qualified instructors;
  • DofE Accredited Assessors for all qualifying expeditions;
  • Bunkhouse and campsite fees;
  • Free use of high quality group equipment: tents, stoves, fuel, maps, first aid kits, group shelters;
  • Post-expedition reviews with participants and leaders.


Our prices are based on a minimum of 6 people but we are be happy to provide quotes for smaller groups.


Email to discuss your requirements or call 01305 813107


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