For Adults, Teachers, Leaders


Treks incorporating skills/leadership workshops OR just for a challenge and some fun? You decide what works for you...


Teachers and leaders play a vitally important role in not only the safety of their groups but often in recruiting them in the first place and keeping them motivated throughout their activities. Not always an easy job. Some of the Events for Teachers and Leaders offered by Adventure Expeditions are part of building a 'leader community' for sharing ideas, best practice and generally keeping the fun alive - it's often hard to inspire others if you can't get inspired yourself...we are confident that our take on 'professional development' will be fun!


Other events are simply for you to join us and other like-minded people in the outdoors to take on a challenge (in the same way that D of E groups do). Adventure Expeditions offers two overseas trips a year to exciting locations. If there is a location that you would like us to consider for next year's trips then leave us a comment here.


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