Hill & Moorland Leader

In order to provide top quality training, Adventure Expeditions runs Hill and Moorland Leader Award (H&MLA) courses in partnership with MT Provider Peak Mountain Training. Expedition Skills Module courses are provided by specialist Mountaineering Instructors from Adventure Expeditions.


3 day training course - £220.00   Book Online    

  • 2016 dates coming soon.

At the end of your H&MLA training course, we will help you make a personal action plan to consolidate your skills before assessment. Before attending an assessment you must hold a valid First Aid certificate (see our outdoor specific First Aid courses here) and have lo

gged a minimum total of 40 day hill walks.

3 day assessment - £220.00   Book Online

  • 2016 dates coming soon.


Expedition Skills Module - £120.00   Book Online

The Expedition Skills Module is a bolt on module for Lowland Leader and Hill and Moorland Leader Award holders which looks at the additional skills necessary to lead others over multiple days with overnight camps. It also looks at the important (and often overlooked) skill of remote supervision - the key ingredient in safe and successful DofE

 expeditions and similar programmes that promote good learning outcomes. For more details on the Expeditions Skills Module, please see the Mountain Training website here. You can also download the module handbook from here.

January - July 2016, EXPEDITION SKILLS MODULE courses (£120.00 per person, includes overnight camp fees):

  • Sat 9th - Sun 10th January 2016: Dark Peak, meet Hathersage 9:00am - Taking bookings - Book Now
  • Sat 2nd - Sun 3rd April 2016: Dark Peak, meet Hathersage 9:00am - Taking bookings - Book Now
  • Sat 25th - Sun 26th June 2016: Dark Peak, meet Hathersage 9:00am - Taking bookings- Book Now
  • Wed 27th - Thurs 28th July 2016: Dark Peak, meet Hathersage 9:00am - Taking bookings - Book Now


Tailor-made H&MLA courses

Do you have a group of 4 or more of you that would like to do the H&MLA? If so, get in touch and we can arrange dates and locations to suit you - contact us here.


Consolidating your skills

Between training and assessment it is important to consolidate your skills and gain further experience - not only to ensure that you are confident for your assessment but so that you are confident in leading groups in all situations too. As part of your consolidation we offer help from the trainers and assessors themselves, have a look at our


Further info...

This Award will suit you if:

  • You don't want to take groups into mountainous terrain (e.g. Snowdonia, Gold DofE groups)
  • You would like to lead Bronze and Silver D of E groups
  • You would like a stepping stone to the ML award


For more information on the H&MLA award, see the Mountain Training (MT) website here

Download the H&MLA Handbook now

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