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Mountain Inspired was set up in early 2017 as a hub for women in the outdoors - for any woman who has been, is, or would like to be inspired by the mountains. Following two successful Winter meets (a week at Plas y Brenin and a weekend at Glenmore Lodge) and an incredible buzz from all the ladies involved, we have put together a programme of Summer weekends to get everyone together, develop your skills and generally have a great time. Adventure Expertise (as the training part of Adventure Expeditions) will be hosting a Summer weekend from Hathersage in the heart of the Peak District over Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd September 2017.  Courses and bookings for the Peak District weekend are below - complete an online booking form via the 'Book Now' links to reserve your place.  As an instructor team, we're really looking forward to it already!

For all the background, info and buzz about Mountain Inspired's aims and courses, take a peek at www.mountaininspired.co.uk A new website is on the way that should make it even easier for you to interact with other like-minded ladies.


Navigation Demystified - 2 days, £180.00 per person   Book Now

A two day course thoroughly covering all the basics to allow you to get to grips with travelling through the hills safely and confidently. The weekend will be a mix of both theory and practical utilising a map, a compass and a watch to show youP1030079-1 how you can become a competent navigator, even in poor conditions. We also look at GPS and modern navigational tools. So if you have always wanted to know how to be able to plan a journey and know where you are on the hills, even if the cloud comes down, then this weekend is just for you.

This course will be a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions but emphasis will definitely be on practical skills. You need no prior experience whatsoever but do need to be comfortable walking for four hours over undulating terrain, over a mix of rough tracks and away from paths.

Mountain Sense - 2 days, £180.00 per person   Book Now

This is a two day course looking at the planning, journeying and decision making that you need to move around the larger British hills confidently. The emphasis will be on practical skills such as planning strategies, navigational tools, route choice and mountain safety. This is a great course if you have always wanted more confidence and independence in the mountains. 

This course is a practical weekend with both days taking place out in the mountains. You will need to be a regular hill walker and able to maintain a steady pace for 6 hours over mixed terrain (not using hands though), the bulk of which could be off paths and half of which will be uphill. An ascent of a peak is hoped for on both days.

Scrambling workshops - 2 days, £200.00 per person   Book Now


A two day course aimed at people who wish to get out into more challenging terrain in the mountains. In addition to looking at planning and journeying skills we will also cover route choice and basic rope work (no harnesses). A big emphasis will be on personal movement and much time will be spent on coaching and improving movement through steeper terrain and helping you develop confidence in both ascent and descent.

As a general plan, we would aim to look more heavily at skills on Saturday, going over all the techniques required to stay safe in rocky terrain. On day two we would hope to undertake a a bigger journey around and onto the Kinder Plateau, taking in grade I scrambling ground, putting all of your skills into practice.

For this course you need to be a regular mountain walker but you do not need any prior scrambling or climbing experience.  You should be comfortable undertaking a full day out in the higher mountains of the UK and be able to walk off paths across mixed terrain.

Intro to rock climbing or Inside Out rock for indoor climbers - 2 days, £180.00 per person   Book Now

Want to get to grips with rock climbing? Never tried it before? Or maybe you have only been indoors and want to see what it's all about outside? Then this is the weekend for you. A two day course taking you right from the basics of learning how to move well and confidently on real rock all the way through to correctly and competently using ropes and climbing equipment outdoors. We will cover all the skills that are needed to stay safe and enjoy single pitch climbing (one rope length, 50 metres max), in addition to the movement coaching, we will also cover belaying and abseiling so that you are confident and capable to second climbs outdoors by the end of the two days. 

For this course, you need no prior climbing experience at all. You do not need to have been to an indoor wall or outside with friends before. A willingness to take part and have a go is all that is needed. The Peak District is home to 


some fantastic and famous rock which we're sure will not disappoint!

Performance movement - 2 days, £200.00 per person   Book Now

Have you always wanted to know how to take your climbing movement to the next level but not been quite sure how? Maybe you would like some input on how you could make moves differently or how to read the rock to make your climbing more efficient and feel less strenuous? This course is tailored to the individuals on it and we look at a range of skills to give you an efficient and effective 'movement toolbox' when climbing outdoors. A great way to improve your climbing and feel the real enjoyment of moving in different ways on the rock.

For this course you should have some climbing experience on rock and be able to competently tie in to a rope and belay. The course will use top and bottom roped climbs and therefore no experience or knowledge of lea

ding is required - just enthusiasm for moving well on rock!

Learn to Lead - 2 days, £240.00 per person   Book Now

This course gives you a great way to spend a weekend, learning how to take your rock climbing to the next level by leading your own climbs. You may have seconded climbs before but never had the opportunity or confidence to lead yourself or you may have led before but not been entirely sure if what you are doing is correct or the most efficient way of doing things. This course will break down all the skills that you need so that you can have a really solid base of skills to develop your leading from - a really exciting two days that can open up a whole new world of rock climbing adventure. You will work on a ratio of one instructor to yourself an

d another climber and so have lots of time for your own personal input and development.

For this course you should be a 'competent second' i.e. you should have experience of climbing outdoors on rock, removing gear as you second a pitch that another person has led, taking their gear out.IMG_2676

Lead climbing coaching - 2 days, £240.00 per person   Book Now

This course is bespoke to your needs - you should already have led climbs but would like to improve or become more confident. The ratios are 1 instructor to 2 clients so that we can offer a very specific and targeted two days depending on your needs and abilities. 

Prior to this course, you would have some leading experience and be able to belay a top roped climber. Everything else will be bespoke, it does not matter what grade you are leading, whether you are a new leader or an old hand wanting to push your grade, we can tailor make the days to you - an exciting weekend where we can explore the possibilities that you are aiming for!

Unsure about which course is right for you? Get in touch via the Mountain Expertise contact form here or give Cat at Adventure Expertise a call on 01433 651449 and we would be happy to natter it through with you. 


Some general info for you...


Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd September 2017 - Mountain Inspired Women's Weekend hosted by Adventure Expertisecredit Mary-Ann ochota i

An outline for the weekend:


  • Meet 09:00am at Adventure Expertise base, welcome and introductions and break down into course groups;
  • Day out on the hill on your chosen course with a female instructor;
  • 16:00pm tea and cakes back at base;
  • Evening pizza van in Hathersage (includes gluten free and dairy free options) for you to get some tasty food (other options available locally as well) before a get together with some inspirational journeys, accounts and lots of kit and clothing for women that you can have a look at and test out - more details to follow!


  • Meet at base in the morning for the second day of your course;
  • 16:00pm tea, cakes and weekend roundup - depart at your leisure!

Accommodation and Travel

Adventure Expertise is based right outside the railway station in Hathersage village and so travelling by train is a great option if you aren't driving or rail is more convenient. There is the option of dormitory accommodation in Hathersage village with YHA Hathersage - please ensure that you tick the box for accommodation on your booking form if you would like to reserve a bed (cost is £20.00 per person, per night).



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